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    Voyager II - Fallen Angels
    The Portal

    "At my nativity, The front of heaven was full of fiery shapes, of burning cressets, and at my birth The frame and huge foundation of the earth Shaked like a coward." — Henry IV, Part 1, Act 3, scene

    Voyager awoke with a start, his whiskers were twitching.

    That could mean only one thing —

    A vision was coming. It would start in the center of his forehead, a swirly cloud followed by bright pinpoints of light; the smell of violets if there was to be a journey, Hawthorne wood smoke for danger & (he grinned slyly), fragrance of rose when a lady friend appeared.

    He sniffed harder and harder, but nothing more than last night’s salty sea smell remained in the wake of the Merrows departure. Or was it last night? Voyager did not know how long he had lain under the Fairy Bridge. He did know he was thirsty and hungry. Gift of prophecy was all well and good, but it wouldn’t fill his belly.

    Still, something was hammering at his muzzle. And he could hear music now, the faint strains of a pan pipe.

    Then something long, greenish & brown, like seaweed, caught his eye in the corner of the cairn… Gwas y neidr, snake’s servant! The seaweed was moving, undulating on the clay floor. Then he realized it wasn’t seaweed at all, but a giant Naithir, the Snake of Skye. The snake was forming words. He knew then that this was more than a serpent in the sand. It was an “Aisling”-- a dream poem.

    He had encountered such a poem once before, but the words had been floating in the sky & disappeared before he could make them out. He snapped at the snake, commanding it to still itself while he read the first words: “Speirbhean – Sky woman”

    He saw the words as he had in his visions, but heard them too, like an ancient drum beat,

    Follow the holy lines,
    water beneath the earth,
    “Glyndwr’s Way”
    Knighton to Welshpool, the hidden
    tidal reaches of Daugleddau and the Two Swords,
    Keep to the Welsh Marches
    And the cover of nightshade.

    Enter the portal:
    there you will come nose to nose with
    The Great Battler – “Cayden”,
    descended from Madog, and his brother,
    Owain Glyndwr, the protector of
    Wales, who led the revolt against Henry IV.

    Beware Voyager! there are dark and unforeseen…

    But as quickly as they had emerged the final words disappeared along with the snake as he slithered & slathered away.

    Voyager yawned and scratched himself. Still hungry, he wasn’t interested in finding a portal, maybe just a bone or some sweet berries.

    Then he saw “blue” & heard the hum of lacy wings and tinkling feathery laughter. It was his gossamer friend “Una”, once a willowy Whippet, now incarnated as a Dragonfly.

    “Good Morning Voyager, I see you are readying yourself for a journey”, Una hummed lightly.

    Voyager’s eyes grew dark and thundery. “I’m not going anywhere Una, not until I’ve had a proper breakfast! Let’s see if those faeries left anything behind.”

    Next time: The search to find Cayden, "the Great Battler"

    February 23, 2010, 8:27 pm
    Naomi Litvin
    January 5, 2010, 12:44 am
    Just tweeted about Now, Voyager! @naomilitvin
    June 29, 2009, 4:22 am
    I await Cayden, The Great Battler with hopes of his defeat at the hands of Voyager
    June 29, 2009, 4:19 am
    Le voyageur, mon compagnon, mon mentor, j'attends vos aventures avec l'haleine baited
    June 26, 2009, 2:49 pm
    Charming and engaging writing. Cheers to Voyager
    June 24, 2009, 12:00 am
    Cayden is scary. I hope Voyager does not have to fight him. Wonderful story. Look forward to more
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