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You're Cute!
You're Cute!
Received on February 01, 10
"Hi Kiara! I tried to send compliment but don't think it went through. I know what you mean about big dogs being a handful. When I was younger I lived with 2 Dobes. Mom said they only wanted to play but those big guys scared me! Now I have a little crazy dog that wants to play all the time. She doesn't understand that we cats need our sleep time!" " Read More »

You're Cute!
You're Cute!
Received on January 26, 10
"Hi Kiara! I know what you mean about the big dogs being a handful. When I was little I lived with 2 Dobes. They always wanted to play. Scared me! Bet I could handle them today. You are the prettiest gal! I think I'm in love!" " Read More »

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Pet Name: Kiara  
Location: Randolph, NJ
Breed: Tux
Age: 1 Year
Gender: female

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About Me and How Wonderful I Am

My people call me Boo sometimes. Usually when they are really loving me a lot.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with everything they've said about me, but when my people were asked what I was like, they said I was: playful, friendly, loving, curious, gentle, active

If you really want to know what I'm like then this is the stuff I care about: (my people wrote this for me)

Kiara's Favorite Food:
Kitty Treats

Kiara's Favorite Place To Sleep:
On my bed

Kiara's Favorite Toy:
Lazer Light

What Kiara Loves The Most:
Being scratched

What Kiara Really Doesn't Like:
Doesnt like when i spray my perfume

What Kiara Loves Most About Me:
My loving personality

What I do that bugs Kiara:
Make Creapy Sounds

How Kiara and I got together:
I adopted her last year. From a shelter. She was 3 months old. Now shes gotten used to all of the animals that i have. I just love her to death =]

If you think I'm pretty great, you can vote for me to win The YapStar Contest by clicking on the Vote For Me button above. If I get the most votes I get a Pet Portrait painted just of me and a Pet Holiday. Even if I don't win first place there are still other really great pet friendly prizes! SO VOTE FOR ME....and come back often because you can vote once a day!

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