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You're Cute!
You're Cute!
Received on August 14, 10
"Hey there pretty girl!! How are you doing? Are you surviving this scorching weather? It has been way too hot for Mom to go outside with me. She said that maybe soon we could go out and I won't get my paws burnt on the hot ground. Anyway, I hope you have a great time the rest of the summer. Look forward to hearing from you! Red Magic. Itís love at first are sooooo my type!" " Read More »

You're A Pet Star
You're A Pet Star
Received on February 04, 10
"Hi Peaches! Thanks for the kind words. You are as sweet as you look.It's not diffficult being sweet to such a beautiful and sweet gal like you! Mom never thought I would win anything. Think about competing in the next contest. I think you will do quite well. I'm not going to compete next time. Just hang around and support my friends. We'll vote for you." " Read More »

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Pet Name: Peaches Find Out About Yapstar Awards
Yapstar Expert  
Location: Atlanta, GA
Breed: Mix
Age: 6 Months
Gender: female

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About Me and How Wonderful I Am

My people call me Peach or Peachy sometimes. Usually when they are really loving me a lot.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with everything they've said about me, but when my people were asked what I was like, they said I was: playful, loving, shy, picky eater, stubborn, cautious, vocal, loves to eat

If you really want to know what I'm like then this is the stuff I care about: (my people wrote this for me)

Peaches's Favorite Food:
Turkey and Giblets cat food (She goes bizerk!)

Peaches's Least Favorite Food:
Broccoli... (Eww)

Peaches's Favorite Place To Sleep:
On the floor in the middle of the kitchen... :P

Peaches's Favorite Toy:
Catnip balls

What Peaches Loves The Most:
Eating (fatty!) JK :)

What Peaches Really Doesn't Like:
Loud noises (Ah!)

What Peaches Loves Most About Me:
How I always give her treats

What I do that bugs Peaches:
Dress her up :)

How Peaches and I got together:
My mom went on a trip to TN for few weeks. She brought back 5 adorable kitties! The the rest got adopted except for Peaches and Neah! She's all mine and so sweet! She has beautiful blue eyes and a great personality. Feel free to look at my pics!

If you think I'm pretty great, you can vote for me to win The YapStar Contest by clicking on the Vote For Me button above. If I get the most votes I get a Pet Portrait painted just of me and a Pet Holiday. Even if I don't win first place there are still other really great pet friendly prizes! SO VOTE FOR ME....and come back often because you can vote once a day!

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"Very fun! Neah especially goes crazy! Definitely worth the money.."

Category: Plush Toys
"I loved these when we firstgot them! I ran, played, and interacted with them. But knowing me, I have the attention span of a worm... :) But overall, these are awesome toys.."

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"Wow! I really want to get one of these... they look awesome!."

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