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Just Want To Say Hi!
Just Want To Say Hi!
Received on July 26, 10
"your so cute Cody!! Congratulations from your friends at BarkingDogBlankets!!" " Read More »

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You're A Pet Star
Received on February 03, 10
"Hey, Cody! Congrats on winning 2nd place! You did REALLY well. Over 1 million votes! OMG. Hope the YapStar people take care of you and give you your prizes...I know you've been working very hard!! xoxo Peachy" " Read More »

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Pet Name: Cody Find Out About Yapstar Awards
Yapstar Expert  
Location: Tucson, AZ
Breed: Yellow Labrador
Age: 5 Years
Gender: male

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About Me and How Wonderful I Am

My people call me Codybear sometimes. Usually when they are really loving me a lot.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with everything they've said about me, but when my people were asked what I was like, they said I was: playful, devoted, friendly, loving, intelligent, picky eater, gentle, cautious, patient, active, jealous, loves to eat

If you really want to know what I'm like then this is the stuff I care about: (my people wrote this for me)

Cody's Favorite Food:
leftovers, especially steak and bacon

Cody's Least Favorite Food:
fruits and Vegetanbles (except green beans)

Cody's Favorite Place To Sleep:
in a little nook in the living room

Cody's Favorite Toy:
Bub the cow

What Cody Loves The Most:
to get attention and he will lie on his back and do a superlab pose

What Cody Really Doesn't Like:
Bath's, pools, lakes, or any body of water

What Cody Loves Most About Me:
I rub him, walk him, and feed him

What I do that bugs Cody:
leave him at home

How Cody and I got together:
We adopted him from a rescue center when he was 1 1/2 years old. He weighed only 59 pounds, and now he weighs 94 pounds!

If you think I'm pretty great, you can vote for me to win The YapStar Contest by clicking on the Vote For Me button above. If I get the most votes I get a Pet Portrait painted just of me and a Pet Holiday. Even if I don't win first place there are still other really great pet friendly prizes! SO VOTE FOR ME....and come back often because you can vote once a day!

My Pet Business and Pet Product Reviews

Category: Beds
"Cody has the tan color with the flower print like the picture above and it is amazing. He sheds a lot of hair and you can't even see it on this bed like we have on other beds. It can eaisly be washed in the regular washing machine and make it clean again. I even lay in it with him when I really want to give Cody a belly rug. I really suggest you get your pet this bed too!."

Category: Plush Toys
"This product loves adorable and well priced! I think that they would last long and they seem very like Cody's pet that he has now.."

Category: Plush Toys
"Cody loves shoes! He will love this too!."

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