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You're Cute!
Received on August 09, 09
"Itís love at first are sooooo my type! Love your sweet face Smokey" " Read More »

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You're Cool!
Received on July 28, 09
"They donít get cooler than you! You rock! You do look like a cool kitty!" " Read More »

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Smokey's Pet Social Networking Profile

Pet Name: Smokey  
Location: Greenbelt, MD
Breed: DLH
Age: 17 Years
Gender: male

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About Me and How Wonderful I Am

My people call me Holy Smokes sometimes. Usually when they are really loving me a lot.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with everything they've said about me, but when my people were asked what I was like, they said I was: playful, loving, curious, intelligent, gentle, stubborn, independent, vocal, loves to eat

If you really want to know what I'm like then this is the stuff I care about: (my people wrote this for me)

Smokey's Favorite Food:
stolen human food

Smokey's Least Favorite Food:

Smokey's Favorite Place To Sleep:
in bed

Smokey's Favorite Toy:
the light switch

What Smokey Loves The Most:

What Smokey Really Doesn't Like:
negligent veterinarians

What Smokey Loves Most About Me:
my dogged determination

What I do that bugs Smokey:
close the front door

How Smokey and I got together:
Smokey came from a local shelter. He was by far the biggest cat there.

If you think I'm pretty great, you can vote for me to win The YapStar Contest by clicking on the Vote For Me button above. If I get the most votes I get a Pet Portrait painted just of me and a Pet Holiday. Even if I don't win first place there are still other really great pet friendly prizes! SO VOTE FOR ME....and come back often because you can vote once a day!

My Pet Business and Pet Product Reviews

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Category: Pet Rescue
1228 Holly Vista Dr
Colonial Beach, VA
(804) 224-1079
"My cat Fedya (Teddy) came from Wendy\'s. She is an unbelievable lady! She saves so many cats! These cats roam free in her house with lots of toys, trees and other stimulation. She has special accommodations for nursing moms and their kittens. Despite the number of cats in her house, it is clean and everybody is well taken care of. Wendy is well organized with her paperwork and adoption records. The reason we chose one of Wendy\'s cats was that she has her cats socialized to dogs, which we also have. We are grateful to have Fedya; he came from some bad circumstances and Wendy nursed him back to health. ."

Rating Stars First To Review
Category: Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 1074
Greenbelt, MD
(301) 572-4729
"PAW has lots of people deeply devoted to animal rescue. However, their rescue program has a lot of issues. There is too much politics and personality conflicts going on in the ranks, which gets in the way of helping the animals. PAW's dog adoption policies can be quite unreasonable: they can stop a DOG adoption from taking place for reasons such "the applicant's cat goes outside," or "the applicant lives too far" or "the applicant doesn't have other dogs." I was nearly disallowed to adopt my dog for totally arbitrary reasons, such as that I "might" have a grandchild soon, and I had to fight and appeal to other people to overrule the dog coordinator (and they did, thank god!). Because of this excessive pickiness, many potentially suitable homes are foregone in anticipation of that "perfect match" and many PAW dogs languish in boarding with little human contact for many months at a stretch. To be fair PAW volunteers try to take them out for walks, but it is still very stressful for these dogs to spend so many months in boarding. By insisting on these "best matches," PAW rescues far fewer dogs than it would be able to if willing to settle for simply good matches. PAW spends huge amounts of money, in some cases several times more than other groups, to rescue a similar number of dogs. PAW can also be very disrespectful to its volunteers, especially those who disagree with the governing body. Disagreements are not worked out through open and fair discussions, as they should be. As a volunteer who presented a contentious issue to the board, I was not allowed to attend the discussion session, was given virtually no followup, and when I questioned the decisions, my e-mails were ignored repeatedly. I believe our volunteer time and donated money can be put to a much better use in a rescue group with more reasonable adoption policies and more effective ways of resolving the differences. ."

Rating Stars First To Review
Category: Veterinarians
7601 Good Luck Rd
Lanham, MD
(301) 552-3800
"This is a good hospital. It > is run by women doctors. The staff are caring and > hard working. They have just added a new wing, > which makes the hospital spacious and modern. The > doctors have demonstrated attention to detail when > my pets were sick. I had one pet, who was severely > ill, and who turned around as a result of the care > received at A-PAW. I have received phone calls > from the doctors and staff concerned about how my > pets were doing. The doctors are also open to > suggestions with respect to alternative treatments > and vaccination protocol. I believe A-PAW is a > good place for routine care and ill pets.."

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