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Received on May 28, 09
"Itís love at first are sooooo my type!" " Read More »

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Pet Name: Sonny Rollins  
Location: Visalia, CA
Breed: street terrier
Age: 10 Years
Gender: female

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About Me and How Wonderful I Am

My people call me Sonny sometimes. Usually when they are really loving me a lot.

I'm not sure I entirely agree with everything they've said about me, but when my people were asked what I was like, they said I was: playful, devoted, friendly, loving, curious, intelligent, stubborn, independent, vocal, active, protective, loves to eat

If you really want to know what I'm like then this is the stuff I care about: (my people wrote this for me)

Sonny Rollins's Favorite Food:
any (I think she grew up kinda hungry)

Sonny Rollins's Least Favorite Food:
grapes (she covets them, but will not ingest)

Sonny Rollins's Favorite Place To Sleep:
Wherever I am about to sleep

Sonny Rollins's Favorite Toy:
small furry ball (she thinks it's a mouse)

What Sonny Rollins Loves The Most:
being ON someone she likes, eventually licking their face

What Sonny Rollins Really Doesn't Like:
bathing, folks in uniforms

What Sonny Rollins Loves Most About Me:
I share my snacks (the kind that are ok for her to eat)

What I do that bugs Sonny Rollins:

How Sonny Rollins and I got together:
I was working at a coffee shop and a customer who runs a no-kill shelter heard that I had recently left a relationship and moved to a place with a giant yard. I told her I was cool to chill solo, but that I would come see her dogs.There was no way I could

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