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Re: Good trails in the east bay

  • Casey says: test
Reply on 2012-04-07 in Pets & Travel to YapStar Berkeley

Re: Will you vote for me please?

  • Casey says: voted for you
Reply on 2009-11-29 in General Pet Questions

Re: keep my pet asleep

  • Casey says: valium has worked for my dog
Reply on 2009-11-10 in Pets & Travel

Re: please vote for me and i will return the favor=]

  • Casey says: Voted for ya!
Reply on 2009-11-10 in Pet Events

Re: Where are good dog parks in San Francisco

  • Casey says: I think Fort Funston is the best.
Reply on 2009-11-10 in Dog Parks to YapStar San Francisco

Re: I\'m looking for a new vet in Marin County

  • Casey says: Well not really Marin County but Arroyo Vets in Sonoma is amazing. They are so caring. Really great!
Reply on 2009-11-10 in Pet Health to YapStar Sausalito

Re: what can i give my puppy for car sickness?

  • Casey says: Your welcome Diddo. i hope your tummy feels better soon and that you can go for long rides and see the world.
Reply on 2009-06-10 in Pets & Travel

Re: what can i give my puppy for car sickness?

  • Casey says: When Casey was little she was sick in the car alot. I slowly got her used to the car with 5, 10, 15 minute drives and praised her effusively when we got home…and I never fed her before the rides. In the beginning also went to the vet and got ¼ tab of Dramamine (but go to your vet first!!!) I've had two puppies with motion sickness. She loves the car now....sometimes i think she prefers it to being home :) I have also heard of the following being used. Rescue Remedy - a herbal liquid that you drop on the tongue or in water and ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon. I would not do anything though without first talking with your vet. Boy is Diddo Duke a cuty pie....he so reminds me of when Casey was little.
Reply on 2009-06-09 in Pets & Travel

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