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I am thinking of entering molly in a mixed breed cat show in March.

  • Molly asks: I've been to cat shows, but I've never had any experience participating in one. Has anybody ever been in a cat show and can share any tips?
Asked on 2010-01-18 in General Pet Questions

Anyone know why cats scratch furniture and wood?

  • Molly asks: I know that they do it to sharpen their claws but I bought them a scratching post and they don't use it! I even tried putting catnip on the post and still, they go for the couch or woodworking.
Asked on 2010-01-13 in General Pet Questions

Does anybody know why cats make a weird chattering noise when they see a bird or bug?

  • Molly asks: Is it only females that make that noise? Because my male cat doesn't, Only my female cats do.
Asked on 2010-01-10 in General Pet Questions

To everyone who has been having trouble with ecards.

  • Molly asks: I contacted yapstar and they told me to do this- Log in to YapStar Click on About Me and go to your private profile pages. Click on the tab “Media”. Here you can upload photos. Once a photo is uploaded, click on Make an ecard And follow online directions.
Asked on 2010-01-01 in General Pet Questions

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!!! :o)

  • Molly asks: I want to wish all of my yapstar friend's a very Happy New Year! I hope this year will bring everyone good luck. :o)
Asked on 2010-01-01 in General Pet Questions

I can't use the trial ecards anymore either.

  • Molly asks: I have a yapstar plus membership yet I can't use the ecards. And now I can't even use the trial ecards. Has this happened to anybody else?
Asked on 2009-12-31 in YapStar Help

Does anybody know why I can't send ecards? I have a yapstar plus membership.

  • Molly asks: For some reason, I can't send ecards. Every time I try it tells me to join yapstar plus. I recieved a free yapstar plus membership for writing reviews so I should be able too. I can only send trial ecards. Thanks :o)
Asked on 2009-12-29 in YapStar Help

Merry Christmas!! :o)

  • Molly asks: I want to wish all my yapstar friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :o)
Asked on 2009-12-25 in General Pet Questions

Trying to add a buisness.

  • Molly asks: Hello, I\'ve been trying to add the Woonsocket Cat Sanctuary as a buisness so I can review it. But for some reason it wasn't added. Does it take a while for it to be added? Thanks :o)
Asked on 2009-12-11 in YapStar Help

My cats throw up everytime I give them canned food. I even tried more expensive kinds like fancy feast yet they still do it. I\'ve tried to give them smaller portions but it still happens. They feel fine eating dry food though.

  • Molly asks: My three cats throw up everytime I give them canned food.
Asked on 2009-12-05 in Food & Nutrition