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CPR for cats and dogs?

  • LilOne asks: Do you know how to administer CPR for your cats and/or dogs? Have you taken a course for this? Have you ever given CPR to cat or dog?
Asked on 2010-01-20 in General Pet Questions

How often doyou vaccinate your cats and dogs?

  • LilOne asks: Just curious how many have gone to every 3 year vaccinations?
Asked on 2010-01-16 in General Pet Questions

Canned or Dry Food?

  • LilOne asks: Do you feed your cat or dog canned or dry food? Is one better than the other?
Asked on 2010-01-08 in General Pet Questions

Any ideas how we can get more to contribute to Pet Talk?

  • LilOne asks: It seems the same ones of us are posting here. It would be great if we can get more.
Asked on 2010-01-06 in General Pet Questions

Why do older cats howl in the middle of the night?

  • LilOne asks: This seems to occur more in older cats. Kisha often did loud yowling during the night hours. What causes this?
Asked on 2009-12-30 in General Pet Questions

Combing vs. Brushing?

  • LilOne asks: Do you comb or brush your cat's fur or a combination of both?
Asked on 2009-12-28 in General Pet Questions

Micro Chips

  • LilOne asks: Are there any problems associated with micro chipping your pet?
Asked on 2009-12-27 in General Pet Questions

Why do some cats eat cat litter?

  • LilOne asks: My neighbors cat started eating the cat litter.
Asked on 2009-12-27 in General Pet Questions

Best Flea Control?

  • LilOne asks: What is the best flea control for cats?
Asked on 2009-12-24 in General Pet Questions

Why do cats eat grass?

  • LilOne asks: Do you hav cats that want to eat grass any time they get the chance? I don't buy into the upset stomach theory. Kisha always wanted to go out just to eat grass. LilOne likes it too. All it does is make them vomit it back up.
Asked on 2009-12-23 in General Pet Questions

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