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Psycho Kitty Pet Bowl

Category: Pet Products | Eat

Tumbleweed Pottery
$13.00 - $14.00
  • You and your pet will both love and enjoy Tumbleweed Pottery's new pet bowls! With their colorful backgrounds and witty sayings what's not to love? Also, includes adorable paw print gift box!! Available with the following sayings: Attack Cat, Fat Cat, Flea Bag, Fuzz Butt, Her Majesty, His Majesty, Killer, Mr. Attitude, Ms. Attitude, Princess, Psycho Kitty, Psycho Puppy, Royal Highness, Spoiled Rotten, Sushi Breath, The *@#! Cat, The *@#! Dog, The Boss. We're sure there is something here for every pet you know!
5 stars
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Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"I ordered this for my friend and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It is a well made, sturdy bowl, that sits well and dosent rock or move around. A great plus is the name on the bowl matches her cat\'s personality! Psycho Kitty!"

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Overall Score: 5 stars
My Pet Loves It: 2 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"its ok"