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Skamper Ramp

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Skamper Ramp
$45.95 - $65.95
  • This is a must have if you love the outdoor life around water and have a pet. Familiarize them with the ramp---their instincts will catch on real quick and then in the event of an emergency, this wonderful product may just save their life if your pet falls in the water and you are not around to help. Skamper Ramp gets its name because the color and material allow the pet to seek it out under water and skamper up the ramp for protection.
5 stars
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Yapstar Reviews

  • 15176 Votes
  • 109 Reviews
  • 35 Fans
Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"We have a pool at our house so this looks like a really nice safety device."

 First To Review
  • 17012 Votes
  • 110 Reviews
  • 31 Fans
Overall Score: 5 stars
My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"This product should be called the miracle lifesaver ramp! My friend was supposed to visit the other day and was about an hour late. When she arrived I asked her what happened o make her late. She said that her yellow lab and fallen into the pool and that her wouldn\'t have been able to get out, except he swam to the ramp and climbed right up and out! I couldn\'t believe it! I had pushed her to get this for months and she just put it in about 4 weeks ago. Amazing product that really works! "