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Blinky Balls

Category: Pet Products | Play

$9.99 - $10.99
  • From Pet Qwerks the Blinky ball comes in three different sizes. This durable plastic ball is indestructable, and will keep your best friend entertained for hours. The flashing red lights allow you to even play fetch in the dark.
5 stars
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Yapstar Reviews

  • 15176 Votes
  • 109 Reviews
  • 35 Fans
Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"My favorite thing...a ball. This one looks like great fun with the light."

 First To Review
  • 17012 Votes
  • 110 Reviews
  • 31 Fans
Overall Score: 5 stars
My Pet Loves It: 3 stars
Quality of Product: 4 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"Magic likes the blinking light part, but the ball itself is a bit too hard and he doesn\'t like catching it or even picking it up. The ball doesn\'t bounce either, it is too hard. "