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Bouncy Bone

Category: Pet Products | Play

$4.99 - $20.99
  • The Bouncy Bone features a durable nylon bone, rubber ball, and irresistible replaceable treats. With our Gnawhide Treats, your dog's chewing experience will last 10 times longer than rawhide alone! Simply unscrew the bone to load the Gnawhide Treats and watch as the Bouncy Bone soon becomes your pet's favorite toy. Available in small, med, and large.
2 stars
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Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 1 stars
Quality of Product: 3 stars
Fair Price: 3 stars
"This may be a good product for some dogs, but Magic would not even touch this bone. He smelled it for the treats inside, but the hardness and texture of the bones material did not appal to him at all. Magic loves soft plush toys, so this product did not interest him at all."