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Pelican Migrator

Category: Pet Products | Play

$5.95 - $11.95
  • Migrators are so realistic they could fly away. Colorful, plush, strong and great sounds. Clip their wings and keep them close to home. Our Labradors favorite. Available in small sizes for little dogs.
5 stars
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Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 5 stars
"Great product! Keeps your dog interested. It is a sturdy weave with tight stitching that does not pull apart! It withstands months of chewing (not tearing!) and squeezing. It handles being thrown for a good game of fetch and still looks good after being mouthed for hours! The sound it emits is a pleasant sound that does not get annoying, even in the house. Highly recommend for gentle to moderate chewers, but not tearers. "