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Sport Cruiser

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$26.50 - $28.50
  • Sport Style Pet Carrier for Cyclists. Portable pet bike basket with E-Z air flow design and a quick click universal bracket that fits all handlebar styles. Loaded with useful pockets and doubles as a portable pet carrier! This innovative portable bicycle basket allows you another opportunity to spend time with your best friend, cruising down the road in fashionable comfort, and style. Safely accommodates up to 15 lbs total with your pet and gear. Weighs in at less than 5 lbs. and collapses in down to 3” for easy transport and storage.
5 stars
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My Pet Loves It: 5 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
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"Great to have when cycling if you have small dog. My dog weighs 14 lbs. so can not take extra with her. Can be used without dog to carry supplies for riding trips. Good price."