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Outerwear Boots

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Canine Cachet
$48.00 - $53.00
  • Available in Sport Fleece, Faux Sheepskin and Rainwear fabrics, there is a set of boots avaialable to match, or compliment every coat or suit. These boots are designed to protect your dog's paws from sharp ice or glass, or snow collecting in their pads, as well as salt that can make their paws crack. In cases of extreme heat, these boots will also protect your canine's pads from hot ground surfaces. Remember that, while a dog's pads are less sensitive than our own feet, they are still sensitive to extreme temperatures.
4 stars
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Yapstar Reviews

  • 588 Votes
  • 8 Reviews
  • 8 Fans
Overall Score:
My Pet Loves It: 4 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 3 stars
"BB wears boots and sneakers all the time and these are a very good product although a little more than we are used to paying. These come in all different fabrics which is very good though so we might break down and try one pair to see if its worth it."

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  • 17012 Votes
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  • 31 Fans
Overall Score: 4 stars
My Pet Loves It: 3 stars
Quality of Product: 5 stars
Fair Price: 3 stars
" These boots are very well made and can serve a multitude of purposes. They are, however, a bit more pricey than boots I have seen listed in other pet supply magazines. The advantage of these boots are the variety of color and styles. "