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Help Us Launch YapStar in Your Neighborhood! - Write 12 First Reviews for your favorite local pet businesses and help us create a resource for your friends and neighbors in your home town. Get a YapStar Expert Badge and a YapStar Plus Membership. If you have more than one pet, each of your pets must write 12 First Reviews to receive a YapStar Expert Badge and Free Plus Membership. Create your Pet Photo Album and send eCards personalized with your Pet's Photos. Click Here To Write A First Review Today!
Yapstar Plus gives you all that the Basic Account gives you and more!
  • Yapstar Personalized eCards - Create your own eCards from your pet's photos. Choose from our collection of holiday , special occasions and events card designs. Personalize your ecard with a message and use your online address book to store and send your eCards. Take a Free Trial of YapStar eCards »
  • Get Noticed, Get Those Votes! - Earn a YapStar Expert Badge which can be seen on your Public Profile Pages. YapStar users will depend on you for your opinions about Local Pet Services and Cool Pet Products.
  • More Photos gets you noticed and gets votes! - Upload up to 50 photos for each pet! Keep them in your Online Photo Library and share them with friends, family and your Pet Fans. The more photos you have of your pet, the more you'll get noticed and grow your pet community, and the more votes you can garner to win a Pet Portrait and a weekend in one of our host cities.
  • Photo Captions! - With Yapstar Plus you can add a caption to all your photos.