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Click on the "Browse" button to select the image you want to upload from your computer. Depending on the size of your image, this could take a few minutes.

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By pressing the Submit button above, you agree that you will not upload any photos that infringe on the copyrights of others.
Pet Photo Guidelines:
  • Make sure your pet photo is framed well and the photo shows your pet's face and eyes.
  • Only upload JPEG files.
  • Please keep images under 500Kb in file size.
  • Save your pet photo at a quality level of 75-85% (or 7-8).
  • Save your pet photo in RGB mode (not CMYK).
Preparing Pet Photos:
For information on preparing your pet photos, visit our Pet Photo Guide
Need Help Uploading Pet Photos?
Having trouble uploading a Pet Photo? Please check out our Pet Photo Upload Guide.

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