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Promote your pet products on Yapstar. Reach the customers you want, people crazy about their pets. Pet lovers depend on Yapstar Cool Picks for the coolest, best quality and most unique pet products around. One of our goals is to make it easier than it's ever been for a pet business to create an online presence and reach their pet loving customers. YapStar essentially takes a traditional part of the business world -- word-of-mouth referrals -- and multiplies it to a previously unimaginable degree. YapStar offers pet businesses the ability to spread the word locally about their great services or pet products for free or affordable monthly costs for enhanced listings. To create a featured listing, get started by clicking below.
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1 Search for your Product: Click on Start below and see if your product is already a YapStar CoolPick.
1 Send Us Your Product: If your product is not currently a CoolPick, send us a sample of your product for review. Click here to submit.
1 Create your account: If you find your product, set up your Login and password for your account.
1 Choose a Plan: Choose from 2 Featured Account Plans depending on your budget.
Enter product info: Create a product profile, including highlights of your products, marketing message, stores that carry your products, logo and photo.
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1 Publish: Preview your listing and publish! Now pet lover's everywhere can purchase your pet product and let other pet lovers know about your cool products.
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