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YapStar grew out of a beta site called The Pet Star which generated 149,141 visits and 2.3M page views in 3 months.
The Pet Star was centered around a quarterly contest where people could upload photos of their pets, create a pet profile, and send an e-vote card to their friends and family and have them vote for "The Pet Star". The concept for The Pet Star contest grew out of America's fascination with voting in the incredibly successfully show, "The American Idol" and the passion pet lover's have for their pets.
This test site was online for 3 months and generated 149,141 visits and 2.3M page views. What was learned through this market test was the incredible viral nature of a site such as this. Pet owners marketed their own pet's web page to friends and family members, who then visited The Pet Star during the 3 month contest and voted 88,888 times and viewed 2.3M pages. No marketing was done during this beta test. In fact, this traffic was created soley by the pet owners own passion for their pets and their absolute belief that their pet was truly the most adorable pet on the planet. This kind of zeal and personal marketing effort by a site’s users can only be seen in these types of passion-centric niche markets and are a pet business' wildest dreams.
The meteoric rise of The Pet Star interest and traffic spurred us on to create a more robust site focusing not only on pet lovers but offering services to businesses, 48% of which do not have a Web site. So one of our goals is to make it easier than it's ever been for a pet business to create an online presence and reach their customer base in their neighborhood. YapStar essentially takes a traditional part of the business world -- word-of-mouth referrals -- and multiplies it to a previously unimaginable degree. YapStar offers pet businesses the ability to spread the word locally about their great services or pet products for free or affordable monthly costs for enhanced listings.
Beta site was online for 3 months and generated 149,141 visits and 2.3M page views.
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