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At YapStar, we choose products we think are cool, unusual in
some way, or just great products and worthy of the Yapstar Thumbs Up. Our team of four legged and two legged testers review each product we put on YapStar for quality of product, fair price and of course whether our pets love the product.
YapStars live on the site, messaging one another about their loved dogs and cats, joining fan clubs, promoting their pets to win the coveted YapStar contest, and alot of other cool stuff.
That's the social-networking part. But there's a point to all the yapping: finding cool pet products. Social networking, offers a new form of word-of-mouth 'advertising', and is changing the way businesses do their marketing.
YapStar has created an exceptional opportunity for pet product manufacturers (who have been chosen as YapStar Cool Picks) to participate in the hottest trend in the online world today: Social Networking. Increasingly people are turning to the Web to find the coolest and most unique pet products. Now with YapStar they can find you!
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